3d printable terrain – to print with your own 3d printer

Modular Wood Beams


With this package, you will be able to build a huge variety of small buildings, decorations, dungeon supports, and general wood constructions.
Give your maps and dungeons additional height for more gameplay in the third dimension. The Beams are divided in segments of 2-6 inches, to fit any sort of dungeon tiles. Together with the Posts, they result in a height of 50mm. If you want them to be shorter, cut them in the slicer.

Beam_a_2-6in (full length)
Beam_b_2-6in (cross section)
Beam_c_2-6in (end section)
Post | Post_1 | Post_2a | Post_2b | Post_3 | Post_4

You will get the .STL files in a .ZIP package, to print with a 3D Printer.

Suggested printer settings:
0.1 mm layer height / 15% infill / no support / large brim (10-20mm)

Check Thingiverse for free example files: