3d printable terrain – to print with your own 3d printer

Planetarium (motorized)


Every character in your adventuring party will be stunned when seeing that the universe is so much bigger than they thought. Even more if they can see the planets align and rotate. By using a small stepper motor together with an Arduino nano (or compatible) you will be able to add some motion it the otherwise static scenery.

– A Set of intricate models to make a customizable and moving planetarium
– PDFs with instructions on how to connect and program the needed electronics

You will get the .STL files in a .ZIP package, to print with a 3D Printer.
In order to motorize the model you will need additional parts that will cost you a few dollars/euros.

Suggested printer settings:
0.2 mm layer height / 10% infill / no support

Check Thingiverse for free example files: