3d printable terrain – to print with your own 3d printer

SATV - Sinyador Aerial Transport Vehicle (motorized)


After discovering huge floating islands in the clouds of Sinyador, it is time to embark on an epic adventure! With this small craft, ideal for a crew up to five, you will be able to explore every destination you seek. By using a small stepper motor together with an Arduino nano (or compatible) you will be able to add some motion it the otherwise static scenery.

– All models needed to create a game ready airship, to use in your tabletop adventures.
– PDFs with instructions on how to connect and program the needed electronics

You will get the .STL files in a .ZIP package, to print with a 3D Printer.
In order to motorize the model you will need additional parts that will cost you a few dollars/euros.

Suggested printer settings:
0.2 mm layer height / 10% infill / no support / brim where needed

Check Thingiverse for free example files: